Excellence in student leadership

Hawker College has a reputation for prioritising student voice and developing outstanding future leaders. To support our high achieving and civic minded students we offer a unique suite of programs for student leadership, academic excellence, citizenship and personal development.

Student Leadership Group

Student voice has always been highly valued at Hawker College. The Student Leadership Group (SLG) comprises elected members from each year group and a representative from each Home Group.

The SLG leads and represents the school at functions and events, and directly influences school policy through regular meetings with the Principal, and through two of their members appointed to the School Board. They play a significant role in fundraising for student activities and representing the interests of the student population.

Elections are held annually, supported by Elections ACT in an authentic process designed to prepare students for their future as active, informed and responsible citizens. The SLG has a constitution and runs meetings according to corporate governance protocols.


Honours Academic Program

Students who demonstrate excellence and interest in a specific curriculum area are encouraged to consider undertaking an Honours Program at Hawker College.

The Hawker College Honours Program enriches and extends students and fosters intellectual independence. Honours students are required to maintain a consistently high level of academic achievement and must complete a
minimum of six extra-curricular extension activities across four key areas encompassing Academic, Community, Cultural and Leadership opportunities.

Honours extension activities are designed to refine skills that are necessary for twenty-first century learners. Students will build a diverse portfolio that provides supporting documentation increasingly required by tertiary institutions and future employment pathways. The attainment of Honours Graduate status from Hawker College has considerable prestige within the ACT and across Australia.