General information

Communication with Students

Home Group Session (Home Group)

Students are assigned to a Home Group upon enrolment. Home Group meetings are on Mondays from 12:20–1:00 pm. Students must attend all Home Group meetings as essential information and support is provided.

Social Media

Important information for students, staff and parents is regularly posted on Hawker College’s Facebook and Instagram sites. We encourage you to follow these sites to keep abreast of special events, extra-curricular programs, Careers and Work Experience (WEX) opportunities and other information.

College Meetings

These student meetings are conducted by members of the Student Leadership Group (SLG), in collaboration with members of staff, and are held throughout the year. Attendance is required as valuable information is shared at these meetings.

Hawker College Newsletter

Twice each term, a college e-newsletter is published. Parents are requested to ensure that we have up-to-date email contact details for these and other notifications of current interest for the school community, such as Principal’s bulletins.

Digital Video Communication (DVC)

Several video monitors are placed around the school to relay messages to the student body and to the staff. The information on this system is updated daily.

Google Classroom

Every class has an associated “Google Classroom” (GC), an online platform where class work, discussions and announcements are posted.  Students are requested to actively monitor their GC streams. Parents can also request access to their student’s GCs. There is also a year level Google Classroom which is an important source of information relevant to students in that year group.

Hawker College Website

Public access to college information is available on the Internet at and via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Phones and Devices

Recognising that smart phones and devices are integral in today’s society, students may bring these to school. However, phones are not permitted to be used in class and/or other learning activities unless under explicit direction of the teacher, where their use is restricted to work purposes.

Organisation for Students

Hours of Operation

Classes operate between 8:40 am and 3:40 pm from Monday to Friday.

Timetable Operation

A weekly timetable is given to students at the beginning of the year. A typical week includes two single lessons and one double lesson in each subject, adding up to twenty lessons in the average study package.


Hawker College sets high expectations for attendance. Our policy is to ensure that there is follow-up with students and parents should attendance patterns become unacceptable. Feedback to parents is also provided through SMS messaging.

Students are expected to attend:

  • all classes for enrolled units
  • all Home Group sessions
  • all college meetings.
  • If you are undertaking a tertiary package you must attend all AST activities

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) policy is that students are to be given a V grade (not-assessed) if they do not attend at least 90% of classes for a unit, or if they fail to complete at least 70% of the assessment for a unit without a satisfactory explanation.

Parents may request attendance information from the college at any time.