Visual Arts

Visual Arts Painting

Visual Arts (A/T/M) Visual Arts is integral to our lives and is fundamental to how we communicate, express and explore ideas. This course involves making and responding, focussing on nurturing the development of individual creativity while enhancing a student’s ability to critically interpret, analyse, evaluate and express themselves. It provides an excellent foundation and preparation … Read more

Timber Products

Woodwork Timber Products

Timber Products (A/M) In Timber Products students learn to use tools and timber materials to design and create timber products. They learn skills that are useful for life, for recreation or as a transition to employment or further education. Students learn about industry practices, processes, procedures and concepts such as technical information, materials, sustainability, equipment … Read more


Photography Photoshoot

Photography (A/T/M) Images are the language of photography, and are used to represent, question and communicate concepts and ideas. The study of photography enables students to experience photography as producers and as audience members. Students who are considering further study in the Photography, Visual Arts, Design, Architecture, Web Design, Media and Education should consider either … Read more

Metal Products

Metalwork Welding

Metal Products (A/M) Metal Products is for students with an interest in practical metalworking skills. The course has a large practical component with students developing relevant technical skills to design and make a range of metal products. Students learn about industry practices, processes, procedures and concepts such as technical information, materials, sustainability, equipment and work … Read more

Hospitality and Food Studies

Hospitality Kitchen

Food for Life (A/M) This practically focused course has been developed for students with an interest in food, health and wellbeing. Its focus is on the development of knowledge and practical skills, which will assist young people in establishing a healthy relationship with food throughout their lives. Units included in this course provide a balance … Read more

Designed Environments

Designed Environments Classroom

Designed Environments (A/T/M) The Designed Environments course focuses on the fields of architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape and sustainable building design. Students learn about 3D spatial design and apply problem solving skills in making appropriate design solutions to create attractive and functional spaces such as playgrounds, buildings and galleries. This course considers sustainability, aesthetics, … Read more

Design and Textiles

Textiles Sewing Room

Design and Textiles (A/T/M) Design and Textiles focuses on design thinking and the application of the design process to create and develop practical solutions using textiles as a medium. Students learn about the textiles and the fashion industry by exploring; fundamentals of design, emerging technologies, textile and fashion futures, history and culture, sustainability and ethics. … Read more

Design and Graphics

Design and Graphics Lab

Design and Graphics (A/T/M) This course equips students to use technologies and creative processes to produce graphic design solutions. Students will learn how to use graphic design software, design to a brief for clients, and apply a range of techniques and technologies to create visual designs. They will learn to apply industry standards and practices … Read more

Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Workshop

Automotive Technology (A/M/V) This course provides opportunities for students to develop relevant technical, vocational and interpersonal skills suitable for employment and further training in the Automotive Industry. It meets the needs of students who have a general interest in industrial technology trades as well as those intending to choose a career pathway into traditional trades … Read more