Legal Studies

Legal Studies Mock Trial

Legal Studies (A/T/M) Students will explore the law, its institutions and processes, in a social, economic and political context. They will seek to develop their knowledge of how legal processes impact the lives of citizens and to evaluate the effectiveness of laws and consider opportunities for reform. Students choosing Legal Studies will be provided with … Read more


History Students

Ancient History (A/T/M) The Ancient History curriculum enables students to study life in early civilisations based on the analysis and interpretation of physical and written remains. The ancient period, as defined in this curriculum, extends from the development of early human communities to the end of late antiquity AD 650, with a focus on the … Read more

Global Studies

Global Studies Students

Global Studies (A/T) Global Studies is the study of political, economic, social and cultural relationships of the world. The course content encourages global perspective and provides students with the background to study other cultures in relation to their own, including concepts of identity and belonging. This interdisciplinary course explores global issues, global communities, global challenges … Read more


English Hub

It is a BSSS requirement that all students complete a course in English (English T, Essential English A/M, Literature T or EAL A/T). English (T) English T is for students who wish to continue their studies at university level. To study at this level, students should have successfully completed Level 1 or 2 English at … Read more

Australian and Global Politics

AU and Global Politics

Australian and Global Politics (A/T/M) Australian and Global Politics is the study of power, influence, authority, legitimacy, conflict and political systems at both national and global level. Through this study, students explore concepts institutions, processes and practices in a political context to investigate, question, critically analyse and evaluate their personal view of national and global … Read more