Sociology Students

Sociology (A/T/M) Sociology is the study of how individuals and groups think, feel, and behave. Students develop their knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts and perspectives to explain behaviour. Students develop skills which promote objective thinking and apply evidence-based research for understanding and interpreting human behaviour. This course enables students to understand how individuals function … Read more


Psychology Hub

Psychology (A/T/M) Psychology is the scientific study of how individuals and groups think, feel and behave. It gives students a better understanding of themselves and others. The study of psychology is useful for most career paths: medicine, human resources, academia, business, marketing, defence forces, social and community work. The study of Psychology at tertiary level … Read more


Physics in Science Lab

Physics (T) Physics is a fundamental science that endeavours to explain all the natural phenomena that occur in the universe. Its power lies in the use of a comparatively small number of assumptions, models, laws and theories to explain a wide range of phenomena, from the incredibly small to the incredibly large. Hawker College students … Read more

Interdisciplinary Science

Interdisciplinary Science Study

Interdisciplinary Science (A/T/M) The study of Interdisciplinary Science encourages and enables students to develop an understanding of the universe through observation, questioning, experimentation, discussion, critical analysis and creative thinking. Hawker College students will explore fundamental aspects of most of the core sciences through a series of themed units. The course is intended for students who … Read more

Human Biology

Human Biology Dissection

Human Biology (A/T) The Human Biology course covers a wide range of ideas using the human life cycle as a means to create a close link between personal experience and theoretical content for students. Health issues that relate to particular life cycle stages are explored in relation to the structure and function of the human … Read more


Horticulture Plot

Horticulture (C) The study of sustainable horticulture encourages and enables students to develop an in-depth understanding of plant production through observation, experimentation, discussion, analysis and hands on experience. In this course students will explore production horticulture and sustainability, and pathways to the conservation and land management industry. It will assist students in preparing for further … Read more

Earth and Environmental Science

Environmental Science Lab

Earth and Environmental Science (A/T) Earth and Environmental Science is a multifaceted field of inquiry that focuses on interactions between the solid Earth, its water, its air and its living organisms, and on dynamic, interdependent relationships that have developed between these four components. Earth and environmental scientists consider how these interrelationships produce environmental change at … Read more


Chemistry Lab

Chemistry (T) Chemistry is the study of materials and substances, and the transformations they undergo through interactions and the transfer of energy. Chemists can use an understanding of chemical structures and processes to adapt, control and manipulate systems to meet economic, environmental and social needs. Hawker College students will develop analytical and problem-solving skills through … Read more


Biology Practical Lab

Biology (A/T) Biology is the study of the diversity of life as it has evolved and as it interacts and functions. Investigation of biological systems and their interactions, from cellular processes to ecosystem dynamics, has led to biological knowledge and understanding that enable us to explore and explain everyday observations, find solutions to biological issues, … Read more