Media Green Screen

Media (A/T/M) Media is the study of communication. The Media course involves making and responding to a variety of media texts. Students learn by making media products that communicate to audiences and by responding critically to media products. Students learn about media codes and conventions, representation, workflow end-toend production, technology and the production process, to … Read more

Information Technology

Information Tech Study

Robotics and Mechatronics (A/T/M) This course explores automation and physical computing through the engineering disciplines of robotics and mechatronics. The course introduces fundamental principles of both electronics and mechatronics before investigating microcontrollers that can be programmed to drive electrical circuits and mechanical systems. Students apply their knowledge to the design and construction of real systems, … Read more

Engineering Studies

Engineering Lab

Engineering Studies (T) Engineering Studies introduces students to engineering principles and systems and is based on finding solutions to real-world problems. Students apply engineering processes, understand underpinning scientific and mathematical principles, develop engineering technology skills and explore the interrelationships between engineering and society. The course focuses on understanding the engineering design process, to develop products … Read more