International experiences

To help develop our students as global citizens Hawker College is deeply connected to the international community through the many International students choosing to study with us from around the world. We also support our own students to participate in outreach programs such International Exchange and excursions.

Student Exchange Programs

Hawker College encourages and supports students who wish to undertake international exchanges via established exchange organisations such as GAP, AFTS, STS, Southern Cross-Cultural exchanges, YFU, EF and Rotary.

We also host exchange students on a regular basis, so that guest students from Japan, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and other countries are often in the college.

Research students from overseas also visit Hawker College to explore different aspects of education.

International Excursions

Hawker College students also can travel and take part in projects overseas through research and youth organisations.

Overseas excursions are occasionally offered in various courses.

  • 霍克中学欢迎您
    Welcome to Hawker College
  • 参与|启发|实现
    Engage | Inspire | Achieve

International private students

Students from overseas can enrol at Hawker College and undertake a course of study leading to an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and/or an ATAR.

International private students (IPS), are supported in their studies by IPS Co-ordinators, and through a special IPS Mentoring and Information Group (MI Group) session each week.

IPS students’ language needs are supported through enrolment in English or EAL (English as a Second Language), and an EAL tutorial where students can access individual assistance up to 2 hours per week. IPS students make a significant contribution to the life and culture of our College.